JSS Ayurveda College, Mysuru, News & Events 2024

Cadavers are considered as first teacher of a medical student and no knowledge is complete without it. Dissection hall is considered as a place where the dead teaches the living.

Dignity of body donors is held at high esteem in our institution, as body donation is considered as greatest of service to mankind after death.

Hence, I BAMS students are taught to respect and treat cadaver respectfully by means of oath taking. All the department teaching and non-teaching staff participated in this ceremony organised by Dept of Rachana Shareera on 02-05-2024 in the Dissection Hall.

This program began with Introductory Remarks by HOD of Dept of Rachana Shareera, Dr. Alka Jayavanth Kumar and Presidential remarks by Principal Dr. Sarbeswar Kar, followed by all the students of I BAMS of the batch of 2023-24 took oath.

This small event has a big effect on student’s attitude towards cadaver and they see it with lot of respect and dignity. 80 students and staff participated in this event.