The college has highly experienced, proficient and competent teaching staff.


The college has an adequate number of books, journals, chronicles and research papers to provide students with a comprehensive academic orientation. Know more

IT facility

A digital library with internet facilities and in campus Wi-Fi caters to the study and research needs of the students. There are audio-visual study rooms and a discussion hall.


The college has well-equipped labs for conducting experimental studies in respective subjects.


The college has well-designed museums with adequate collection of necessary specimens/samples related to all the departments.


Study of medicinal plants is an integral part of Ayurvedic education. The herbal garden developed by the college has more than 300 species of medicinal plants.

The NCC training also enables the students to pass 'B' and 'C' certificate examinations. The cadets can attend State and National level camps like RD, TSC, NIC, etc.

Hostel Accommodation

A well-furnished hostel accommodation is provided for both boys and girls.


The college has adequate number of vehicles to provide transport facilities to the students.