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Department of PG Studies in Dravyaguna

Pharmacognosy & Applied pharmacology

About Department

Dravyaguna subject Deals with principles of Ayurvedic Pharmacognosy and pharmacology with a special focus on identification of drugs, adulterants and substitutes used in Ayurvedic practice. Ayurveda has developed a unique approach to understanding pharmacology of natural substances through meticulous analysis of Rasa(Taste), Guna (physico-chemical properties), Virya( potency) , Vipaka( bio-transformation) and Prabhava( Special effect of drug) of the drug.

Dravyaguna branch understands drug action in a very comprehensive way in relation to Status of Patient & Disease. It incorporates both Pharmacodynamics (What drug does to the Body) , Pharmaco-kinetics( What body does to drug)

Dravyaguna ha six branches which deals with knowledge of

  • Nama-rupa jnana – Pharmacognosy
  • Gunajnana – Study of Properties
  • Karmajnana – Pharmacology
  • Prayogajnana – Clinical pharmacology
  • Yogajnana – Study of Formulations
  • Kalpajnana – Pharmaceutics

VISION: To create a platform for research in ancient and modern medical science and to develop research methodology for understanding of principles of Ayurvedic Pharmacology & Materia Medica balancing Classical & Contemporary knowledge.


  • To study medicinal herbs & drugs, their origin, nature, properties & effects upon human beings.
  • To finds its parallel in the modern science of pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, and therapeutic uses of the plants. Ayurvedic drugs, especially herbs are prescribed in different pharmaceutical forms, to get maximum therapeutic effect