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Department of Kayachikitsa

General Medicine

About Department

Kayachikitsa is an important and first among the Ashthangas (Eight branches) of Ayurveda which deals with the treatment of ailments related to body and mind. It is the only one branch with approach of multisystem illness of both young and old age. Agni has the prime importance in Ayurveda as it is believed to be the root cause of multiple diseases when deranged. Kayachikitsa involves correcting the digestive fire or Agni to restore good health.In modern medicine this branch is known as General Medicine which deals with physical, mental, social illnesses and their treatment. This department has Under Graduate education and hospital with well established outpatient and inpatient facilities to serve all strata of community.

VISION: To be a renowned centre for excellence for healing diseases by holistic approach and to build competitive, skilful Ayurvedic practitioners globally by providing quality education and practical training in Ayurveda.


  • To provide an efficient Kayachikitsa practitioner to meet health problems of the society.
  • To make authentic Kayachikitsa into evidence based practice.
  • To find out solution for life style disorders through Ayurvedic principles.
  • To propagate Ayurvedic principles for the promotion and maintenance of heath.