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Department of PG Studies in Panchakarma

Penta bio- cleansing

About Department

Department of Panchakarma is well equipped complete department with a eco friendly Panchakarma theatre. It is supported with SOP’s for each Panchakarma procedure to ensure optimum care of the patients. Students are given hands on experiences to perform Panchakarma therapies, thus improving their confidence. The students are also given awareness in collection & assessment of data of treatments done, thus imparting knowledge in evidence based Panchakarma practices. Department conducts yearly Vasantha Vamana and Sharad Virechana camps for needy patients as a part of preventive care needed in different seasons. We also conduct guest lectures, quiz competition, CME, seminars for imparting better insight into the subject. Regular health camps and awareness programmes are a normal part of department activities to reach & educate community about Ayurveda & Panchakarma.

VISION: To be a renowned department in delivering ancient Panchakarma knowledge along with the wisdom of parallel science.

MISSION: Achieving academic and clinical excellence in Panchakarma by accumulating knowledge and providing high standard resources and research activities.