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About Department

Kaumarabhritya, the pediatric specialty is one of the eight main branches of Ayurveda. The horizon of Kaumarabhritya, dealing with child health care is vast and challenging.

According to Kasyapa Samhita, Kaumarabhritya is the most important branch, as the other divisions play their role only after the child matures into an adult.

The child should be both physically and mentally capable, to be an active participant of the society. Child health and nutrition is always a prime focus of attention for every parent. Also, today’s children are the future citizens of the nation; hence it’s the responsibility of the Kaumarabhritya physicians to provide them with the best care.

VISION: To be a centre of excellence for maintaining the positive health of paediatric age group and to provide quality treatment by adopting holistic approach and to produce efficient Kaumarabhritya practitioners by imparting theoretical knowledge and practical training of high quality.


  • To teach students in detail, regarding the knowledge of child health and diseases described in Ayurveda and modern science using state of the art technologies.
  • To make authentic utility of classical knowledge of Kaumarabhritya to bring out evidence based research and clinical practice.
  • To make the students confident in new-borncare, diagnosis, management and prevention of pediatric diseases through Ayurveda thereby producing efficient Kaumarabhritya practitioners.