About Us

About Us

Since its inception in 1996, JSS Ayurveda Medical College has been one of the best Ayurveda colleges in the country providing excellent, academic delivery, research and infrastructure to its students. At JSS Ayurveda Medical College, we not only offer Ayurveda Education, but we also provide research (innovative and globally accepted programs) and other activities and programs which creates more significant opportunities for all-round development; 100% audio visualised and clinical case-based learning is unique at JSS Ayurveda Medical College.

JSS Ayurveda Medical College transforms its students into future Ayurveda doctors to further serve the community health care.

JSSAMC Approach

JSS Ayurveda Medical College has a unique and innovative approach to Ayurveda Education. It focuses on providing the right knowledge, imparting the right skills for a successful professional career and on developing the right attitude the job demands.


The right knowledge is critical to success in (Ayurveda) Medical profession. The proper knowledge implies relevant, contemporary and cutting-edge expertise in the theory and practice of a variety of care, functional and integrative subjects. As practice precedes theory in Ayurveda, equal emphasis is placed on concepts and applications. This blending of ideas and action is achieved through various pedagogic techniques like lecture, clinical case-based teaching, presentation, soft skills, training, academic activities, CME and internship program and research projects.


What matters most in (Ayurveda) Medical Profession is what one can actually do. Doing well implies mastering and applying the skills – professional, personal and humanity required for effective decision making and execution. JSS Ayurveda Medical College trains the students in all the skill sets through a series of theory and practical sessions. The students are also given soft skills by sessions scheduled over the duration of the course.

Besides, clinical case-based teaching and learning help students to develop good “Ayurveda skills” (Doctorial skills.)


A critical tribute to success in life is cultivating the right attitude like positive thinking, opportunity seeking, adapting to change and achieving a proper balance between the divergent goals of life. JSS Ayurveda Medical College encourages students to grow into balanced and well-rounded individuals capable of taking up the Noble Profession.


A critical tribute to success in life is cultivating the right attitude like positive thinking, opportunity seeking, adapting to change and achieving a proper balance between the divergent goals of life. JSS Ayurveda Medical College encourages students to grow into balanced and well-rounded individuals capable of taking up the Noble Profession.

Apply for BAMS & MD

  • There is a separate application form for admission to BAMS and MD.
  • Application form can be purchased through one of the following methods by paying Rs. 1000/-

Apply Online

Click the link for downloading the application form for BAMS and MD . Fill and attach all supporting documents and Rs. 1000/- D.D. drawn in favour of the Principal, JSS Ayurveda Medical College, Mysuru, and send to the college address

Availing application form at JSSAMC Office

BAMS & MD applications are available at our college office. You may purchase the application form by paying the required fee in cash/D.D

JSSAMC Advantage

Students at JSS Ayurveda Medical College have the advantage of developing a cross-functional knowledge base with proper synthesis in both theory and clinical perspectives as well.

Emphasis on Case-based (Clinical based Learning)

Clinical Case-based learning is an important component of Ayurveda Education at JSS Ayurveda Medical College. Most of the courses are taught through real-life clinical cases, designed to help bridge the gap between theory and the practice.

Ayurveda Modeling and Simulations

JSS Ayurveda Medical College newly included Ayurveda modelling and simulation games and activities in its module-based curriculum for the program, to give students an introduction to clinical decision making.

Strong industry interface

JSS Ayurveda Medical College has a robust, active and growing interface with Ayurveda professionals and manufacturing industry with experts from a range of leading companies and institutions delivering regular guest lectures and training programme.

Continuous Learning

The program offers students an opportunity for continuous learning so that their knowledge and skills remain current and relevant and updated.

The learning methodology adopted provides them with the desire and the ability to seek. Comprehend knowledge on a continuing basis, even after they complete the course.

  • Classroom sessions: Students receive regular classroom instruction which helps them to learn and understand subjects offered.
  • Curriculum: Students are exposed to the latest body of knowledge through contemporary, unique oriented curriculum.
  • Projects: Students are encouraged to take up research projects on contemporary topics as a part of their independent study.
  • Continuous evaluation: Students are evaluated on the basis of tests, home assignments, case analyses, seminars, projects, etc.
  • Learning resources: Libraries are well-equipped with the latest comprehensive collections of books, CD’s, videos, national and international journals/magazines and research reports on Ayurveda and allied subjects.


JSS Ayurveda Medical College believes in student-centred learning. JSS Ayurveda Medical College uses learning outcomes which focus attention on explicit and detailed statements of what students learn, their skills, understanding and abilities students seek to develop in them and then test them. JSS Ayurveda Medical College takes students feedback to assess the teaching standards followed in the college.

Awards and Medals

The students with excellent performance in the program are awarded medals, certificates and cash awards.

Soft Skills Development


Effective communication and interpersonal skills are crucial for professional and personal life. The real key to the effectiveness of professionals is their ability to put their domain knowledge into active practice. In this context, soft skills have a crucial role to play. If future doctors know how to deal with people at the emotional level (peers, subordinates, superiors through Emotional Intelligence (EI), they can build and sustain productive relationships that will result in a mutual gain.

Extracurricular Activities

‘Mens sana in corpore sano,’ is a Latin proverb that means a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. To keep up with the rigorous curriculum and demanding workload at JSS Ayurveda Medical College, it is necessary that students look after their health and let out steam once in a while. To transform students into healthy doctors with all-round development, JSS Ayurveda Medical College provided a multitude of opportunities for sports and other extracurricular activities.

There is much more to learn outside the classroom and a lot of chances for interactions with fellow students. Every student on campus leaves not just with a degree but also with friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. The student community at JSS Ayurveda Medical College is genuinely diverse; the students come from different states, social and cultural backgrounds and walks of life. As they become a part of JSS Ayurveda Medical College community, they get an unparalleled exposure to different cultures, languages and ways of living.

Several student activities are directed towards extending the classroom learning experience. Such activities include organising seminars on contemporary management issues, publishing in-house magazines, organising guest lecture and organising and participating in college competitions.

Similarly, academic clubs and committees provide a platform for students to make Ayurveda a part of their daily lives. Industry leaders are invited to the clubs to deliver talks on contemporary issues. The clubs and committees organise quizzes and debates and frequently meet to discuss new ideas, issues and developments in their areas of interest.

Students participate in sports and games at the well equipped Sports Activities Center. It provides much needed relaxation, exercise as well as a chance to compete and work as a team.

Students also participate successfully in college competitions. Students contribute to the world around them through social service projects, such as organising blood donation camps and environmental protection programs.

Professional and Leadership Development

JSS Ayurveda Medical College aims to transform students inside doctors of tomorrows’ profession, and this development takes place continuously on the JSS Ayurveda Medical College campus. The structure of the program, the corresponding clinical and soft skills training and the experience of handling events and responsibility brings out the professionalism in students.

Clinical Case method:

The clinical case method teaches one to draw insights to take decisions. The person leading the case discussion is a decision maker, and the rest of the class will support and push the analysis of the case to the maximum extent possible. The focus is put on arriving at a decision that is apt for the situation in the case based on analysis of facts and a 360-degree view.

Soft Skills:

A leader creates his/her vision for the organisation and communicates it effectively to the rest of the organisation. The soft-skills training at JSS Ayurveda Medical College will enable the students to judge their communication abilities. They also focus on improving the EQ of our future leaders so they can run organisations.

Extracurricular activities:

The students are encouraged to participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities so that they come out as well-rounded individuals. Organizing cultural events, talks by stalwarts of the industry and a variety of on-campus activities give the students the chance to manage events, take responsibility for their success and become better and more experienced leaders.

Learning Methodology:

The learning methodology at JSS Ayurveda Medical College is based on continuous learning. We are always learning from our surroundings and the events that are taking place around us.

JSS Ayurveda Medical College is one of the very few Ayurveda colleges in India to have a 100% clinical case method focus. This method puts the students in the decision making position and gives their analysis the edge of real-world sensibilities. The case method adopts the socratic way of learning. In this method, questions are posed one after the other and alternatives are debated over. This kind of learning is not one-to-many as in a lecture but many-to-many with both teachers and students taking the analysis forward. The learning methodology at JSS Ayurveda Medical College is drawn from the best in the world, has evolved over the years and is constantly being updated and benchmarked against the best.

Come join in the transformation that awaits you at JSSAMC.

Career Management Center

JSS Ayurveda Medical College has an impeccable track record of achieving good placements every year with the best companies visiting the campus to recruit

JSS Ayurveda Medical College has its own Career Management Center. The primary objective of the CMC is to enhance the placement prospects of JSSAMC students. CMC personnel visit potential employers in various companies and apprise them of the ample talent available at our college.

The CMC organises various activities such as guest lecturers, pre-placement talks and workshops, which give opportunities to the industry as well as the students to interact with each other. Apart from academics, the students are given career counselling and training in soft skills and are also exposed to group discussion, practice sessions and mock interviews before the final placements. The CMC also focuses on:

  • Personality Development
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Library
  • Internships
  • Strong Industry Interfacts

A Collaborative Effort

The entire placement exercise is a collaborative effort between JSS Ayurveda Medical College and the students. While JSSAMC provides guidance and support through extensive networking with potential employers, the students have the responsibility of making the best possible efforts to obtain suitable placements.


The JSS Ayurveda Medical College Alumni Federation gives you access to a vast network of professionals and offers you endless opportunities to connect, build a relationship, participate and continue to learn from the JSS Ayurveda Medical College community.

The JSS Ayurveda Medical College Alumni Federation is for all JSSAMCH alumni who seek personal, professional and intellectual opportunities because your IBS advantage continues beyond graduation.

The JSSAMC Alumni Federation is a membership organisation comprising more than 800 alumni of JSS Ayurveda Medical College. Founded in 1996, the Federation has a diverse and rich history of bringing alumni together to support the institute, its students and each other.


To be a global premier institution of Ayurveda for professional education, Research and Patient Care.


To build an institution of a global standard and repute for imparting quality Ayurveda education by excellent teaching and training and positively sustainable health care as well as undertake research activities to reach newer horizons.


This is the motto of JSS Ayurveda Medical College. JSS Ayurveda Medical College education provides students with tools to realise their potential, courage and vision to use this education in service of humanity.

Academics, sports, arts and opportunities for practical applications of all these contribute significantly towards the holistic development of our students. Education at JSS Ayurveda Medical College encourages curiosity. Persistence and passion for knowledge through teaching, mentoring and caring for our students.