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About Department

It is one of the basic subjects in medical studies, which deals with the structure of human body. This is one of the vital subjects useful for better understanding of principles of treatment. Knowledge of applied anatomy will enable the scholar to do a preliminary diagnosis of the disease. Better understanding of the anatomy of the organs and systems will make a better surgeon. Hands on training in preparation of models, embalming techniques, plastination techniques, anatomical paper art, drawings – collectively, do and learn policy is adopted in the department.

Body Donation Campaign is launched from the department as well. Hands on training on Plastination ,Anatomy museum based on the principles of Ayurveda is established for better understanding of the subject for the benefit of medical graduates, school children and public.

Vision: Clarity In Perception, Perfection In Presentation, Justification In Imparting.

Mission: rving The Student Community By Imparting Knowledge Of Excellence In Rachana Shareera.