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About Department

Kriyashareera is a fundamental & important subject of Ayurveda.It is the quantum basis of the understanding of Ayurvediyakriyashareera.Here students learn the physiological aspects of dosha, dhatu, upadhatu, mala, oja, prakriti, agni, kriya-kala, triguna , pancamahabhuta ,srotas, indriyas

Kriyashareeradepartment will provide excellent theory, clinical & practical education and exposure to basic principles of how the body functions with a view to shape efficient teachers, physicians and researchers in the field ofAyurvediya Kriya shareera.

Physiology is the most fascinating and ancient branch of science. It is fascinating because it unfolds the mystery of the complicated functional aspects of the individual organs in the body.Physiology deals with the study of functions of various systems and different organs of the human body.

VISION: A comprehensive approach in basic aspects of Kriyashareeralike prakruthi,sara, dosha ,dhathu,and modern physiology.


  • Prepare the students to assessprakruthi , doshavrudhikshaya , dhathu& mala vrudhikshaya,sara,agni,and
  • Prepare students to perform lab investigations like Hb,WBC, RBC, DC,Urine Examination etc.
  • Prepare students to perform and understandvarious clinical examinations like temperature, pulse, BP, respiratory rate and systamic examinations.