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Department of Ayurveda Samhitha & Siddhantha

Ayurveda Samhita & Basic principles of Ayurveda

About Department

Department Of Ayurveda Samhitha&Siddhanthainvolved in imparting the application of concepts in diagnosis and planning treatment. It demonstrates evaluative & judgment skills in making appropriate decisions. The students are given enhanced professional prosperity through exposure to Gurukul tradition.

VISION: To produce excellent and competent academicians & literary researchers in the field of Ayurveda samhita&Siddhantha to make available Ayurvedic traditional knowledge enriched with science of life, disease descriptions, valuable potent drugs & treatment principles to meet national & global demands


  • To Provide excellent Ayurveda Samhitha&Sidhanthaacademician to meet needs of academic community
  • To be pioneer in Ayurvedic Literary Research
  • To promote and preserve Basic principles of Ayurveda by conductingCharaka ,Susrutha and Ashtanga Hridhayabased seminars, Debates, Shloka recitation etc
  • To provide conceptual solutions to newly emerging health related issues