Kriya shareera quiz 2023

JSS Ayurveda College, Mysuru, News & Events 2023

As per the schedule of calendar of events, department of Kriya Shareera had arranged a quiz competition on “Kriya shareera” on 5th  May 2023 at 1st BAMS class room from 10.20-11.30 am.

8 Students of I st BAMS participated in quiz competition. Participants were categorised into 4 groups named Vata, Pitta,Kapha & Rakta with 2 students in each group. There were six rounds in the quiz.

Round 1: Physiology questions round

Round 2: Identify the picture round

Round 3: Normal value round

Round 4:Complete the Shloka round

Round 5: Pick and act round

Round 6: Rapid fire shloka round

After each round one question was asked to audience.

Programme was conducted by Miss Abhijna & Miss Vasushree I st BAMS students. Miss Radhika & Miss Santhoshi I st BAMS students co ordinated the quiz.

All the faculty members congratulated the participants and distributed prize to the winner team VATA”.

Faculty present:

Dr. Savita Hiremath

Dr.Meghana. N

Dr. C.D.Totad