JSS Ayurveda College, Mysuru, News & Events 2023

Department of PG studies in Kaumarabhritya has organized a guest lecture, under BALA BHESHAJA, Series 1, on Wednesday, 10-01-2024.

Dr. Jyotsna. A.S, Consultant Pediatric Neurologist, Apollo BGS Hospital, Mysuru delivered lecture on the topic, “Recent updates in the management of Cerebral Palsy”.

Speaker covered the basic aspects of Cerebral palsy (CP) along with the types; based on the etiology and clinical features. Radiographical images were also explained for each type which helped for better understanding. Also highlighted various differential diagnosis, management strategies focusing on integrated approach and concluded with case discussions related to Cerebral Palsy. Active interaction and discussion were happened post guest lecture. The session was very informative and was well received and appreciated by the audience.