Report on Sloka Recitation Competition Topic- Shareeropakramaniya Shareera, Pramana Shareera conducted by Dept of Shareera Rachana

JSS Ayurveda College, Mysuru

Department of Shareera Rachana organized online Sloka recitation competition for the I-BAMS students on the Topics Shareeropakramaniya Shareera, Pramana Shareera on 29/06/2020 Monday, from 2pm to 4pm by Dr.Alka Jayavanthkumar.

Competition was held on the topic- Shareeropakramaniya Shareera, Pramana Shareera. These two topics are very important basic topics in Shareera Rachana subject. To encourage students to learn and master these topics, competition was very helpful. 97 Students attended this event and 14 Students participated in the competition and almost all recited all the slokas correctly. Following 3 students were selected as the best.

  • I prize – Bhoomika.N.G
  • II prize – Meghana Chandrashekar
  • III prize – Rashmi.M.K