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Basic Neonatal Resuscitation Training program was organised by Dept of PG Studies in Kaumarabhritya in association with Dept of Pediatrics – JSS Medical College, Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) & National Neonatal Forum (NNF) Mysore Division at JSS Simulation lab - JSS Medical College Mysore on 24-05-2024.

The participants who had successfully completed the Basic NRP Online course and got qualified in the Pretest were enrolled in this program. 17 PG Scholars and 2 faculties from Dept of PG Studies in Kaumarabhritya of our institution and 11 PGs from Pediatrics department of JSS Medical College actively participated in this Hands-on Neonatal Resuscitation Training Program.

This innovative training program was led by 5 faculties from Pediatrics department of Mysore Medical College & Research Institute and JSS Medical College, Mysuru. After the introductory session the participants were divided into 5 groups and were allotted specific simulation rooms, where hands on training were provided by respective faculties. The participants were trained on different aspects of Neonatal resuscitation from arrangement of delivery room and equipment for receiving the newborn, Initial steps of resuscitation, routine care, observational care and extensive training was provided on bag & mask ventilation. After successful completion of 4 different training sessions Mega Code post practical evaluation test was conducted by the faculties and all the participants successfully qualified in this evaluation. Post lunch validatory function was conducted and all the participants were awarded with ‘Basic NRP provider’ certificate which is valid for 2 years from date of the course.

This training program had facilitated the participants to increase their knowledge and acquire skills for attending deliveries and perform initial steps of neonatal resuscitation confidently. Further plans for conducting the higher level NRP course entitled ‘Advanced NRP training’ has been discussed with the organizers from Indian Academy of Pediatrics and is tentatively planned for August 2024.