Online Journals

1 A Conceptual study on Ashmari Dr Savitha Dr SiddayaAradhaya Math Download
2 Fractures in Ayurveda Dr Aiyanna Dr SiddayaAradhaya Math Download
3 Review on drug collection W.R.T SushruthaSamhitha Dr Meghana N Dr Manjunath
4. Ayurvedic management of shwitra Dr Suma K J Dr ManjuntathKanthi
5. A single case study on Vicharchika Dr ManjunathKanthi Dr Suma K J
6 Ayurvedic management of Duchen’s Muscular Dystrophy – A case report . Dr Jayaraj Dr Veena G Rao
7 A comparative clinical study on the effect of Anuvasanabasthi ,Salavanaupanaha and Nasya in the mangamnet of Pakshagata with or without physiotherapy. Dr Ramya Dr Veena G Rao Download
8 Effect of erandatailaprayoga and dashamuladiniruhabasthi in Gridhrasi . Dr Veena G Rao Dr Shreelata Download
9 Better living through butter milk Dr Deepapatil Dr Nischitha Download
10 KsharaPramukyata in Arshas – A conceptual Study Dr Aiyanna P Dr Nanda Download
11 Clinical Study of RomashatanaLepaw.s.r. to Depilation Activity Dr Dinesh Gupta Dr JagadishMitti Download
12 Malaharakalpana – An Ancient and Modern Pharmaceutical Approah Dr PoonamBhojak Dr JagadishMitti Download
13 Clinical Analysis of BhasmaSevanaDoshas and its Management Dr Kavyashree BP Dr V Shreeshananda Sharma Download
14 A Comparative Pharmaceutical and Analytical Study of LohaBhasmawsr to Classical and Folklore Method Dr Mukta MB Dr V Shreeshananda Sharma Download
15 Regenerative Effect of VangaBhasma in Cadmium Chloride induced Testicular damage – An Experimental Study Dr Kavyashree BP Dr V Shreeshananda Sharma Download
16 Management of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis – An Ayurvedic Approach – A Case report Dr Seetha Devi P Dr V Shreeshananda Sharma Download
17 Ayurvedic Management of Unexplained Fertility – Case Study Dr Vidya Narayan Download
18 Cervical Cancer Dr BhagatLumi Dr Nanda KO Download
19 Literary Review of ParpatiKalpana Dr Rajendra Prasad ML Dr Kavyashree BP Download
20 A Literary Review on Vishista Yoga and Rogagnata of Rasa Dravya Dr Rajendra Prasad ML Dr VeerabhadraGowda B Download
21 Ayurvedic Understanding of Insomnia – A Review Dr Rakshith R Hombal Dr Subhash Chandra Bose Download
22 Prevention and Management of Back pain through Yoga, Diet and Common Postural Corrections – A Conceptual Dr Rekha BV Dr Subhash Chandra Bose Download
23 Kinetic of Chemistry Bhavana Dr Nischita Dr DeepaPatil Download
24 Kinetic Chemistry of Satvapatana Dr Nischita Dr DeepaPatil Download
25 An Analytical Review on AhitaAhaara ViruddhaAhara (Food Incompatability) Dr Manu M Dr P Sudhakar Reddy Download
26 Conceptual review on Prevention of Cardiovascular diseases in Ayurveda w.s.r to Hridya Dr.P.Sudhakar Reddy Dr.Beena MD Download
27 A Review on The Significance of Ratricharya (Night Regimen) In The Promotion of Health. Dr.Bharath.M.S Dr.DhruvaPrasad.S Download
28 A Review on Dinacharya (Daily routine) Modalities With Special Reference To Snana (Bathing) Dr.Shalini. Dr.Rekha.B.V Download
29 Ayurveda education – need for new pedvgogies Dr.ShashiKiran Dr.Komala Download
30 Ayurvedic Management of Wilson’s Disease with complications – A Case study Dr Shashikiran Download
31 Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study of MakshikaBhasma – An Analytical Study – Rasashastra/Research Dr Pallavi Y C Dr SavithaHiremath Download
32 Lifestyle modification in Polysystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – A Review Dr Sowmya MN Dr Vinaya TM Download
33 A conceptual Study on Skin Aging – Ayurveda and Modern Perspective Dr SavithaHiremath Dr Pallavi YC Download
34 Critical Analysis of NetraKriyaKalpa Dr Sandhya Rani Download
35 Pivolate Study of VasanthaRutu in Prevention of Ailments Dr Sowmya MN Dr Nanjanmanni Download
36 Accessory Spleen with Unusual Size Dr AlkaJayavanth Kumar Dr Shelly Divyadarshan
37 Is it worth to study Ayurveda Formulations of Longetivity on Animal Models Dr AlkaJayavanth Kumar Dr Shelly Divyadarshan
38 Mental Health in Ayurveda w.s.r to Mantra Chikitsa – A Holistic Approach Dr AlkaJayavanth Kumar Dr Shelly Divyadarshan
39 A Critical Study on RasayanaChikitsa Dr AlkaJayavanth Kumar Dr Shelly Divyadarshan
40 A Review on Srotas Dr AlkaJayavanth Kumar Dr Shelly Divyadarshan