The Department of PG Studies in Swasthavritta conducted an online guest lecture for the third year BAMS students and PG Scholars on August 24, 2020, on the occasion of the ‘World PopulationDay’. Dr. Shwethashree, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, JSS Medical college, JSSAHER, Mysuru, was the guest speaker. Dr. Shalini.S, Assistant Professor, Dept. of PG Studies in Swasthavritta, JSSAMC, Mysuru, welcomed the guests and gathering, and also introduced the guests. She spoke about World Population Day, its importance and significance. She also spoke about the family planning techniques in a lucid manner, to stabilize the population. The session was very informative and useful for the students. Dr. P. Sudhakar Reddy, Prof & Head, Dept. of PG Studies in Swasthavritta, gave a vote of thanks. Dr. Sankana Goud Patil, Reader, and Dr. Komala A., Assistant Professor were also present. There were 87 participants. The Master of ceremony was Dr.Shalini S.

Guest Lecture By Dr. Shwethashree
Vote of Thanks by Dr. P. Sudhakar eddy
Master of Ceremony and Guest introduction By Dr. Shalini S.