Friday, 31st July 2020
The valedictory of “OJUS 2020,” a five-days ‘International Webinar on Immunology’, organized by the Department of Kayachikitsa was held on July 31, 2020 from 12.30 pm. The programme commenced with an invocation by Dr. Tejaswini, Assistant Professor, Department of Prasuti Tantra, and Streeoga, followed by welcoming of the dignitaries and delegates by Dr. Rajesh A. Udapudi, Dean, JSS AMC.

Dr. Beena, MD, Organizing Secretary, Ojus-2020 & Head of the Department, Kayachikitsa, JSS AMC, briefly presented the webinar report. Around 1170 delegates across the globe, including delegates from Germany, France, UK, USA, etc., had registered for the webinar. The webinar had 12 scholarly scientific sessions and each session had participant discussion & questions were clarified. UG, PG, PhD, and faculty members were allowed to make oral paper presentations. Around 195 participants presented their scientific papers and 19 poster presentations were made in 14 sessions, held from 28th to 30th July, from 9.30 am to 1pm. Each session was evaluated by judges from the JSSAMC, and in each session, the best paper was awarded.

Dr. Anoosha Shastry, a delegate from Germany, Dr. Waheeda Rahman, a delegate from Karnataka, Dr. Aishwarya Joghelkar, from New Delhi, and Dr. Parvathi G. Unnithan, a delegate from Kerala, in their views mentioned that Ojus-2020 was well organized and it was a good platform for paper presentation and all scientific sessions were excellent and updated their knowledge.

The chief guest Dr. Shrinivas Kishan Rao Bannigol, Honorable Dean (ISM), RGUHS, Bengaluru, and Principal, Sanjeevani Ayurveda Medical College, Hubballi, in his valedictory address observed that Covid-19 crisis has given us a chance to retrospect and find out the potential of Ayurveda. We have to propagate the Principle of Ayurveda to reduce the suffering of humanity in existing and upcoming diseases, he added.

Dr. Hrishikesh Damle, CEO and Managing Director, Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, Bengaluru, who was the guest of honor told that OJUS-2020 scientific sessions were well planned to cover all aspects of immunity. A careful amalgamation of Ayurveda and contemporary science is very essential for today’s world. Active innate immunity should be augmented by acquired immunity to combat all diseases. We have to document and come up with data on how Ayurvedic drugs or therapy are acting upon different cells of the immune system.

Dr. Deepa Patil, Organizing Secretary, Ojus-2020, announced the best paper awards, bagged by 16 presenters from the 14 sessions.

Dr. B. Gurubasavaraja, Professor, Dept of RSBK, presided over the function. In his presidential address he told that even in the era of super-specialty, Ayurvedic principles are applicable in all diseases. “The concept of Vyadhikshamatva and Immunomodulation should be understood properly. He brought a very significant point that, in Amavata, the use of Ojaskara Ahara Vihara is contraindicated. Our Acharyas were very keen in observing, how these things may affect the Rogavastha. From the contemporary knowledge of autoimmunity, this can be well understood. Hence, we have to analyze our science and practice appropriately based on the principles.”

Dr. Divya. K, Coordinator, Ojus-2020 rendered a vote of thanks.

Dr. Aiyanna P P, Assistant Professor, Dept. of PG Studies in Shalyatantra anchored the ceremony.