The Department of Dravyaguna conducted a field visit to places surrounding Gonikoppa, in Ponnampet, Kodagu District, on November 14, 2019, as a part of its Academic Curriculum for Post-Graduate students.

This visit was accompanied by Staff Dr. Santosh Rangannavar, Asst. Prof. & Dr. Noor Fathima, Asst. Prof., along with nine PG students of First, Second & Third years, with one gardener Mr. Hemanth. First, we visited the College of Forestry, Ponnampet. Dr.Jadegouda, Associate Prof. & Agro-Crop Scientist assisted us to know about the medicinal plants grown in his Nursery & College campus. Then we visited the ‘Devarakaadu’ where we saw several important medicinal plant species like Caesalpinia sappan, Rubia cordifolia, Smilax china, Hydnocapus wghitiana, Desmodium gangeticum, Uraaria picta. etc. We brought Rubia cordifolia, Smilax china, Fruits of Hydnoicarpus, Desmodium species.

During this field visit, we got a chance to meet the tribal people belonging to the Soliga community, near Tithimathi Forest range. We gathered some information about their lifestyle, use of herbal medicine during any medical emergencies.